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The Night the Sky Fell Down
YunRaeChun. 851 words. G. Prompt: Sky.
Author’s Notes: The Night the Sky Fell Down is a prequel to </a></b></a>ianinna’s How YooChun Got the Girl. This is the first out of ten in this mini-series. Title taken from the song Crazy for this Girl by Evan and Jaron. Enjoy!

His injury was quite serious, and he needed time away from work to be able to get well, but his mood swings have been terrible ever since JaeJoong, YooChun, JunSu and ChangMin left for Japan. )

[ Ficlet ] Snaps

[ Ficlet ] Snaps
JaeJoong+OC (JaePorc). 1027 words. Fluff/Mush. Prompt: Polaroid. Over time and probably a thousand snapshots, she and JaeJoong find something special and true.
Author's Notes: Because I'm a JaePorc (p0rc being my lovely miyun ) shipper, I decided to take a prompt from her and write another piece. This is most probably connected to the Birthday Fic verse (but...maybe not. Up to you, dear p0rcp0rc!)

( I wish everybody would see past those cold, cold eyes... just as I have. )

[ Drabble ] The Pieces of this Puzzle

[ Drabble ] The Pieces of this Puzzle
YooChun+OC (RiChun). 932 words. Prompt: Habits.
Author's Notes: For ianinna , YooChun's shining Ruchbah. Written on a mini-notebook over the long weekend, among other drafts. (Could you tell I was bored and had no life?) This RiChun verse has TVXQ!YooChun and GF!Risha living together under the same roof. It's a G-rated drabble, don't worry kids. No het-sex here. Not yet though. :P

{Fic} Half-Wing

Characters/Pairing: Changmin+OC, with cameos of the rest of the boys / OT5-ish
Summary: Sometimes he wished that people would see him as Shim Changmin, a regular college boy, instead of Choikang Changmin, the pop star. Changmin finds something he had lost long ago, and he finally learns to fly as himself: whole.    
Author's notes: 
The lyrics used in the fic is from Gemini by Spongecola.
Thanks, again, to  skyelee   for telling me over and over again to use this plunnie, and for the fic's title.
 This is the first installment of the DongBangShinKi Diaries series.
 Additional notes at the end of the fic to avoid spoilers.



[Ficlet] Birthday Concert

Title: Birthday Concert
Characters/Pairings: YunHo + OC, with the rest of the boys horsing around, too.
Summary: The boys perform a one-of-a-kind concert for one very lucky girl.
Warnings: Possibly graphic images (^_^), shirtless!boys, etc, etc.
Author's Notes: This was a lot of fun to write. As always, for skyelee. :) Final version.

( 'Noona, remember how we all like to play pretend rockstars?' YooChun whispers in your ear. 'We have a concert this morning, just for you.' )