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ShinKi*holic is a creative online community dedicated to the five Rising Gods of the East, also known as DongBangShinKi. Everyone is welcome to join, but if you wish to have posting access to the community to be able to share your works of art, please comment to this post and express your intent to become a contributor.

ShinKi*holic Rules and Regulations:

1. Only post material/s that you yourself created, or credit properly otherwise. Let's have some respect for the people who create wonderful artworks and lovely fanfiction. If it's not yours, take the time to credit the person/people who created it. ShinKi*holic shall not tolerate plagiarism of any kind.

2. No bashing or flaming of any sort is allowed. ShinKi*holic is a free community, and thus everybody is welcome to share their works and opinions. However, the community will not allow insults or nasty comments about the works posted or the creators themselves. Constructive criticism is very much welcome, but bashing or flaming are definite no-nos.

3. Rate your creations properly. For fiction (especially) and other related works, please rate them as G, PG, NC-17 or R accordingly. You are allowed to post a paragraph or two at the beginning of your post, but keep the rest of the material in an LJ-cut ALWAYS. Not everybody who visits the comm is a non-minor like myself, so let's try to protect the others as much as possible.

4. Label your posts. Below is a list of labels for the community.

a. { ONE-SHOT } / { TWO-SHOT } — for one/two-shots
b. { MINI } — more like a drabble, with less than 1000 words
c. { FIC } TITLE : CHAPTER — for chaptered/long fics
d. { POETRY }

FEAT.: — which member/s is/are featured in the work
(G is for wholesome material for General viewing. If it's something your seven-year old sibling could read and not mess up his/her head for life, it's probably a G. PG is for material with sensitive content like sexual innuendo and similar imagery. NC-17 is for material which has undertones of sex, violence, mention of curse words and the like. R is for material which has explicit content; hardcore lemon, violence and the like.)

a. { ICON/S }
b. { WALLPIE/S }
c. { MANIP }
d. { GFX } — other graphic materials that do not fall under the other category

This list may grow as the community does, but for now, these are the list of labels that we should use for our posts. Please label properly.

5. Share and have fun! This community's life lies on your hands. Let's all share our growing love for DongBangShinKi and create a lovelier fangirling world for everyone! *beauty queen wave* ^^,~